handrails Fabricated onsite. Core drilled into the rock wall.

Handrails like these add safety and long-lasting value to the look of this beautifully landscaped area. True fabrication skills are required to hold the perfect angle, symmetrical look, and have the posts located in the center of the rocks. This project was fabricated on-site due to the requirements of how we core drilled into the rock wall. The mounting was core drilled versus mounting bolts and hardware.
When there is a need to hold a proper angle and the mounting locations are critical. Macy Industries is your best option! Not many shops in our area can pull these types of projects off. We leveraged our mobile fabrication shop to create stainless steel handrails at this location.
CORE Drilling is when we drill a large hole into the mounting location then fill with concrete. The advantages are:

  • Clean look (no bolts to rust out and loosen up)
  • Great for snow build-up
  • Long-lasting in the New England area
  • Incredibly strong and sturdy no wobbling

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