December 02, 2023


When one thinks of MACY INDUSTRIES, INC., they often assume we only work within industrial manufacturing, but we can make items for all industries including, but not limited to: restaurants, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, supermarkets, and exercise facilities. We offer many solutions for any company’s needs.

Stainless Steel Shelving

A local nutritional supplement store, Max Nutrition Stores, had stainless steel shelves in MAX Nutrition-Stainless Steel-Issue4 place. They needed more shelves that were exact replicas of their existing storage racks. We made their replica shelves adjustable. We can also design racks that are movable. All storage racks are made in accordance with each customer’s needs.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Components

Every company, business, and facility has a kitchen for employees. If you are in need of a new kitchen or require a component for it, we have your solution. We can create almost every element of a stainless steel kitchen. Our stainless steel pieces are very easy to clean and look great in any kitchen! We can make the counter tops, cabinetry, sink, drawers, shelves, back splash, and even the hood! We can even fabricate the counter tops from one piece of metal. We also fabricate cabinet hinges as well as the handle and door. We can create these items in any size, dependent on your kitchen. The cabinets cankitchen-stainlesssteel-Issue4 also be designed custom designed for your storage needs. The sink has to be created separately, but our expert welders can fabricate it to look seamless with the counter top so it appears to be one piece

Custom Design Work

We help bring your custom ideas to life! Need a custom drawer? Drawers can be made with smoothed edges on the handles and we can make the entire drawer unit. Our stainless steel shelves are practical and great for your kitchen storage. The back-splash component for the counter tops and stove area follows seamlessly with the countertop. Another item for the stove we can make is the hood. We do not provide the fire suppression or Ansul system, but we can create a hood for the air ventilation. All facilities are required to be checked by health inspectors. Certain areas of a kitchen are very hard to clean, such as the area between the stove and counter; to alleviate this problem we can make a filler piece to prevent food from sticking between the tight spaces. This will help keep your facility’s kitchen clean and up to health codes.