Safety Rails and Machine Guarding

Safety Rails and Machine Guarding

Safety Rails and Machine Guarding

Safety rails for your factory floor

Protecting your employees and machinery is easy with custom made safety rails.  OSHA regulations require railing around every floor hole and any exposed elevated platforms, such as open-sided platforms, floors, or runways.  Also, safety railing is required around any dangerous machinery or equipment that a worker could fall into.  


Safety rails provide a visible perimeter for fall protection.  By using bright colors, normally bright yellow helps to signal a distracted worker that danger is near.   Not only do they help prevent accidents for employees but also help protect machinery.  


As we have always heard, “Stuff can be replaced, but people can’t” certainly rings true when it comes to safety in factories and businesses.  For any responsible employer, the number one safety goal is to protect human life.

Machine Guarding

Protecting expensive machinery is also imperative.  Usually, the bigger the machinery the bigger the cost. And if it gets damaged or destroyed it may not always be easy to replace. 


Failing to take responsibility and provide a safe work environment may result in hefty penalties, loss of production, increased insurance premiums, and worst of all, serious bodily injury or even death.  


Avoid risking citations or worse.  Talk to Macy Industries about fabricating custom safety railing that meets or exceeds OSHA regulations.