Diamond plate, also known as checker plate or tread plate, is made from steel, stainless steel, or aluminum sheet metal. It has earned the name Diamond Plate because of its distinct appearance of an embossed diamond-shaped pattern that criss-cross at a 90-degree angle.

Not only does diamond plate metal provide a beautiful surface to look upon, but it also provides multiple benefits.

Slip resistant. The raised diamond pattern enhances the traction needed to help prevent falls.

Corrosion and rust resistant. Galvanized materials can help protect the diamond plate from corrosion or rust.

Surface Protection. In areas of high foot traffic or the use of harsh chemicals, the diamond plate can protect the underneath surface.

Decorative. The shiny surface of the polished aluminum diamond plate has a striking decorative appeal.

With slip-resistant properties, diamond plate metals are common in various settings for safety reasons. Such as:

Stairs and Walkways. Industries use the Diamond plate on the stairs and ramps to help reduce the chance of slipping on the metal. Outdoor fire exits heavily rely on diamond plate material to provide the traction needed, especially if the steps are slick from rain or snow.

Vehicles and Trailers. Not only does Diamond plate provide traction for pushing or pulling materials on and off of a truck, but it is also often used on bumpers, truck beds or trailers to help reduce skids when stepping on or off the vehicle. Not to mention, it is perfect for the interior of ambulances and the footplates of firetrucks.

At Macy Industries, our talented team of fabricators design and create complete systems from a discussion with you or from detailed CAD models or prints. Diamond plate is an ideal material for your trailer or vehicle. Also, if you just need a repair, we can handle that as well.

Architectural Accents: The beauty of diamond plate material can be found as runners on stairs, backslashes, table tops, walls, ceilings, floors—especially in the garage and laundry room, the possibilities are endless.

At Macy Industries, we custom fabricate the diamond plate to fit the size of your project. No matter how big or small, we only give you the amount of diamond plate you need, reducing waste of leftover materials.

Contact us today to discuss your diamond plate fabrication needs.