MACY Industries and LAD Welding Acquisition

We are pleased to announce that LAD Welding and Fabrication (LAD) Located at 33 Fisherville Rd, Concord, NH 03303 is officially merging with MACY Industries, Inc., effective January 1, 2020. Similar to MACY Industries, LAD Welding is a family‐owned business that has been providing custom metal fabrication products for several decades! As a team, Macy …

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Top 10 manufacturing companies

It was exciting to be selected as one of the top 10 Metal Manufacturing Consulting/Services Companies – 2019. Manufacturing insights posted this article (read) about Macy Industries. Our values align with what the magazine is doing to help and support American manufacturers. With immense industrial experience in metal manufacturing and a huge following, they reached out to …

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From ductwork to fire trucks

It’s an exciting time here at Macy Industries; the projects we work on are just awesome! This week, we visited a job site for a new three-story condo complete HVAC system. Then we stopped by a factory where we replaced all the sheet metal tanks, safety rails, and catwalks. Now our current project is moving large equipment vertically to save space. We have the team and equipment to build structural frames that can hold tens of thousands of pounds!!

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Macy Industries on Boston’s Rose Kennedy Greenway

Macy Industries, in collaboration with Landscape Forms, has provided new custom outdoor swing benches for the Rose Kennedy Greenway in Boston. The components were custom designed and fabricated specifically for this installation and required a combination of high strength and architectural appeal. A total of 8 benches have been installed in the Greenway’s North End Park, abutting historic Hanover Street.

custom metal solutions | rose kennedy greenway boston

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