December 02, 2023


MACY INDUSTRIES, INC. has specialized in custom metal fabrication for over 30 years. Within the last 3 years, we founded and expanded our duct division giving us capabilities for dust collection and hot and cold air evacuation. The gasket on our gasketed fittings rolls into place for easy installation. This is very useful for exposed applications because it is easy to install and leaves a clean finish free of duct seal or foil. Many industries are exposing their duct systems including restaurants, gyms, automotive dealerships and clothing stores.

Merrimack Premium Outlets

The Merrimack Premium Outlets has many stores with exposed systems. MACY Good Exposed Pipe-Issue6-resizedINDUSTRIES, INC. provided the duct systems for several stores including Reebok, New Balance, Rockport, ECKO UNLTD., American Eagle, and Puma. The next time you are at the outlets, check out our exposed hot and cold air duct systems.

Standard Fittings:

If you do not have a need for gasket spiral fittings, MACY INDUSTRIES, INC. has a line of economy fittings the meet SMACNA guidelines. Designed with your needs in mind these economy fittings are priced competitively for your projects. Interoperable with our gasket fittings and spiral duct, seamlessly creates a hybrid system that efficiently delivers the needs of your clients

Rolling Gasket:

Why use our product versus our competitors’? MACY INDUSTRIES, INC. offers gasket fittings for our spiral pipe. While there are several gasket products on the market, ours is unique because its rolls into place making it easy to install, especially with larger diameter fittings and duct. The benefit to a gasket product versus a non gasket is that when the project is exposed, a gasket fitting leaves a clean finish free of duct seal or foil which can look unappealing. A gasket not only looks nice, it ensures a leak free seal for your system.

Duct seal and foil are put on by hand; if the seal is not evenly coated it can lead to air leakage and failure of pressure testing by local inspection. Our gasket eliminates this worry! Another great thing about working with gasket fittings is our guarantee of a leak free system as well as 20 – 30% saving on the installation of our product. Save time and money, use SPIRAmir gasket fittings for all your spiral duct needs.

What is Galvaneel?

Gavaneel is galvanized metal with an etched surface which allows it to be painted without preparation (or pre-coating). Galvanized metal is paintable as well, but it needs to be prepped before. Another positive to using galvaneel is that the coating will not flake off when formed, stamped or bent ensuring a long service life for the paint. You may notice the duct system (in the ECKO UNLTD. picture) matches the color of the ceiling. MACY INDUSTRIES, INC. offers our spiral pipe and fittings to be made out of galvaneel.

Keep MACY INDUSTRIES, INC. in mind for your next exposed project. We would love to help you save time on your next installation.