November 29, 2023

Fabricated square-to-round sheet metal transitions are one of the hardest things to fabricate correctly. The team at Macy Industries enjoys this fabrication challenge. When a custom connection is needed our HVAC and dust collector installers and most of the local HVAC companies around us will send us the base dimensions in an email or over the phone. From there our fabrication team will calculate the flat pattern, cut the parts from raw sheet metal material. Then using hand tools and a CNC forming press brake the individual parts start to take shape. See the images below.

When there is a need to connect two different shapes of ductwork the industry makes what is called a square to round connection. These are made in all sizes from 1 inch round connecting small machines to the main lines in a dust collection system. Or on the other end of the spectrum like the ones shown. These are rooftop units connecting large round air handling units to the main HVAC tubes.

If your looking for a custom connection large or small you can call us at (603) 623-5568 or use our web form https://macyindustries.com/rfq/ to get a quick quote. You will be making our team happy as they love to fabricate custom square to round traditions in sheet metal.


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