Custom Metal Stairs

Custom Metal Stairs

Custom Metal Stairs

Stairs are an essential part of any construction project whether it be a manufacturing plant, a rocket platform or an industrial complex.

Metal staircases provide resilience and strength needed to handle high traffic areas safely.

Macy Industries specializes in the fabrication and installation of all types of metal stairs. We custom fabricate the production process to get the perfect balance between design, strength, and cost for your stairs.

Why Use Metal Stairs?

Steel and aluminum are the most commonly used materials in stair fabrication. These two metals are the perfect balance between versatility, availability, and cost.

Metal stairs are common in most industrial and commercial settings. Everywhere you look you find metal stairs and for good reason.

  • Metal stairs are easy to maintain. They are resilient to extreme stress, fluctuating temperatures, and humidity, and thus are suitable both interior and exterior use.
  • A custom metal stair fabrication will fit into your installation site’s profile easily. The result is a seamless integration that will be easy to install and won’t require a lot of structural reorganization.
  • Metal stairs are built to withstand the test of time under various environments. The weight to strength ratio makes them perfect for commercial or industrial buildings.
  • Custom metal fabricated stairs adapt to any shape, size or style. This leaves you the freedom to build a staircase customized to any site structure’s strengths and compensates for its weaknesses.

Our team of highly trained and experienced custom fabricators can adapt to your requirements and specifications.  Macy Industries is able to install any stairs we build. Some of our installation projects require tig or MIG welding onsite–which we provide.

We often work with Construction Contractors, Engineering Firms, and Facilities Managers for custom fabrication. Some of the specialties we provide are:

  • Exterior aluminum roof to roof stairs and ladders
  • Custom fire escapes
  • Specialty weight requirements
  • Some projects asked for no support beams and this was not a problem
  • Metal stairs for main entrance ways to small stairs for roof access
  • Replace or upgrade roof ladders or roof to roof access ladders
  • Shafts
  • Catwalks
  • Low specialty platforms
  • Guard steps and railing for factories–with optional yellow paint

We understand and meet all of the local Historical Society requirements.