Bring your business to life with a custom metal commercial awning! Macy Industries offers completely customized awnings tailored for your property. Awnings are not only stylish but are functional.

A commercial awning will serve multi-purposes for your business. With a superb quality awning, you can expect:

Curb AppealYou’ll enhance your building with a professional awning.

AdvertisingUse the awning surface as an advertisement to your community

ShelterWhen a sudden downpour hits, your customers will be happy for a place to stay dry!

To see our handiwork locally visit the The Copper Door restaurant located in Salem, and Bedford, NH. It was an honor to serve our community and be selected to fabricate all the copper doors for the restaurants.


We understand how overwhelming purchasing the ideal awning can be. That’s why we are here to help you through virtually every step of the process.

DesignOur team will talk with you and go through the process of designing an aluminum awning that you can be proud of

FabricationOur in-house craftsmen will custom build your awning to any shape and size you need

InstallationGet long-lasting quality with our optional complete installation solution. Not only can we install your new awning; but we will also remove any existing awnings. It’s safe, effective, and efficient.

Follow UpHave any questions or maintenance needs? Our team will be here to help

Our goal is to offer a hassle-free way to upgrade your commercial building. We understand and meet all of the local Historical Society requirements. All of our products are custom made by our in-house craftsmen. Proudly made in the USA!