These durable, beautiful, and easy to clean metals will make any kitchen stunning. At Macy Industries, we can help your dream kitchen become a reality. Speak with a professional team member today about your customized metal kitchen counter.


Even though stone and granite countertops are still popular choices for homeowners, metal countertops are re-emerging as a trend. And why not? Metal countertops are durable and a stunning asset to your unique kitchen.

At Macy Industries, we customize your metal countertops to your needs. Our professional team will fabricate your countertop to fit your shape and size with the edges standard or custom. The seams can be welded for a sleek, seamless look.

Types of metal counter tops:

Stainless Steel—While often only thought of in a commercial setting, stainless steel countertops have a lot to offer homeowners as well. It is the most popular metal countertop. With the non-porous surface, it can be easily and thoroughly cleaned. Stainless steel countertops are durable and usually last a lifetime.
Macy Industries can customize your stainless steel countertop to any specifications including edging variations of—Standard, Marine and Bullnose edges.

Copper— Very few metals can match the succinct beauty of copper. While conveying a warm, traditional look and the feel of a Mediterranean or Old World kitchen, no wonder copper is the second choice for metal countertops. Copper is easy to clean and studies have shown that bacteria cannot live long on the surface.
Copper countertops can be kept shiny or allow the natural patina to develop into a unique green, brown, and black pattern.

Zinc— Another choice for a metal countertop is zinc. Like copper, zinc can be kept shiny or allowed to take on a natural tarnish of mottled grays and blues. With a zinc countertop, clean up is easy—just use soap and water.
Since zinc is a softer metal, it can be easily shaped producing custom backsplashes and edges.

Pewter— While pewter is not as popular in the US as is in other countries, such as France. Interest is growing.
Like the other metals, Pewter has a non-porous surface that doesn’t harbor bacteria. Plus being a soft metal, it’s perfect to display decorative edges.

Bronze—Bronze is another malleable metal to use for countertops. Albeit, it is not the most popular choice. Bronze can have a mirrored or matte finish and doesn’t form the patina as quickly as copper.

Brass—If you are looking for a beautiful shiny, golden hue for your countertops, brass is the way to go. Even though brass is a hard metal that is less likely to dent, it is also one of the rarest metals used for countertops.