November 29, 2023

Annual Fill the Hall Saturday, June 27, 2020 | 9 AM – 3PM at Portsmouth’s The Music Hall!!

This year, due to the given circumstances, the team came up with creative ways to reach our food goals:

One way was to drop food off at the theater, You can also contribute to your neighborhood’s food campaign.

The challenge to the community was to fill every seat in the Historic Theater twice with bags of food for Gather and their Meals 4 Kids program during the sixth annual Fill The Hall Food Drive.

Macy Industries joined in and helped raise over $77,000 and 27,000 lbs of food. Most successful event in its history …

Our team had a blast and the event was well organized. It’s not too late to help if you would like.

You can make a cash donation by going here

For over 200 years Gather has provided nutritious food to those in need, and they need our support now more than ever. Fill the Hall benefits their Meals 4 Kids program, helping to fill the gap when subsidized school meals are not available. They provide 10 meals a week for over 900 children on the Seacoast for the 11 weeks of summer. It takes more than 60 tons of food to do this. We want to get it donated in one day and we need your help.