Dust and Fume Collector Maintenance

Dust and Fume Collector Maintenance

Dust and Fume Collector Maintenance

A Full Service Offering for Dust and Fume Collection Systems



Dust collection systems often run continuously to support ongoing manufacturing processes.  This causes filters to become clogged as well as wear and tear on other components. Consistent, periodic maintenance is required to prevent system damage and keep your operations running smoothly without interruption.

Macy will provide you with scheduled visits for maintenance of your system and perform services as required which include: 

  • Diagnostics
  • Filter Change out Programs
  • Filter crushing which greatly reduces EHS disposal costs
  • Filter Replacement
  • Filter Sales
  • Preventive Maintenance scheduling
  • Repair services
  • System Modifications

Macy Industries, Inc. is the only company that can provide its customers with on-site filter crushing to greatly reduce disposal and waste fees. Our trained field personnel have extensive OSHA training and follow strict EH & S policies.


Macy Industries also has a proprietary dust collection system called the QuickLID. This product line allows seamless barrel replacement for high-dust applications in the automotive, paint, food, and manufacturing sectors. The QuickLID product line has significantly reduced operating costs and barrel replacement time. Please click here to learn more

Dust collectors also help provide a safe work environment. Not only do they reduce air pollution and reduce unpleasant odors, but dust collectors also help prevent dust explosion and reduce the risk of fires.

Options we provide

  • Backdraft Dampers
  • Explosion Venting
  • Flameless Vent
  • High-Speed Abort Gates
  • Quality Blast Plate
  • Ventex Valves
  • Vertical Plenum

Check out our portfolio of companies we have fabricated and installed dust collection systems with.