Sheet Metal Fabrication: Not Just for Industrial Manufacturing

Sheet Metal FabricationWhen we think of the many things in our world that are constructed from sheet metal, it is quite astounding. Sheet metal is the backbone of our city buildings, the primary material for car bodies, airplane wings, medical tables, the sleek shine of custom fixtures, and even a medium for contemporary sculptures. Whether you are looking for industrial, architectural, or decorative custom sheet metal fabrication, MACY INDUSTRIES, INC., Metal Fabrication Group specializes in providing our customers with a wide range of services that exceed expectations.

Sheet Metal for Practical Applications

At MACY INDUSTRIES, INC., we can make almost anything out of metal. These items or structures assist in creating a safe and beautiful environment for our homes, restaurants, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, supermarkets, and workplaces. With an intrinsic precision and an impulse to work with the many different applications of various metals, we are able to provide services such as: plasma cutting, press brake forming, shearing, punching, welding and assembly for any project.

Sheet metals can be fabricated from a myriad of metals. MACY INDUSTRIES, INC. uses steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, carbon fiber and steel, and even plastics as our materials and provide a number of surface finishes. This variation allows our customers to tailor their product to specific applications. We pride ourselves with having the flexibility to produce products that may be unusual or even difficult for other metal fabrication shops to reproduce; therefore, we offer numerous solutions for any company’s needs. Our highly experienced in-house design staff can take your initial concept and provide you with a custom, high quality product.

The Right Sheet Metal for You

Some of our past projects that include our high grade quality sheet metal are custom fixtures and components for kitchens, platforms and support structures for buildings, architectural panels, as well as hoppers and holding tanks. Whether you are working on a smaller project or on a large scale operation our creativity, software, equipment capabilities and staff experience gives our customers confidence with the development of drawing for their custom sheet metal fabrication projects.

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