November 29, 2023

It was exciting to be selected as one of the top 10 Metal Manufacturing Consulting/Services Companies – 2019.

Manufacturing insights posted this article (read) about Macy Industries. Our values align with what the magazine is doing to help and support American manufacturers. With immense industrial experience in metal manufacturing and a huge following, they reached out to us as some of their readers recommended and voted for Macy industries for the top companies list.

The process

The process was fun and straightforward. We had a few conversations and presented photos and details on the projects that we were actively working on. It was a great experience to pause and discuss how we are helping others every day. Time seems to speed by most weeks, and taking time out to focus on our why versus how, helps us stay true to our goals.

The article explains why Macy Industries is unique. We take all forms of media when starting a project. Mostly photos of a piece of equipment that needs modifications or replacement.

Why Macy Industries is unique?

Nick Mercier, CEO

Our in-house engineers leverage SolidWorks to produce CAD models with the intention that we will fabricate everything in-house. Some projects require pneumatics, hydraulics, and all sorts of door configurations such as.

  • Recessed door
  • Full overlay
  • Open Frame Doors
  • Barn style
  • Folding
  • unique one-off configurations used for ovens or cold storage

Our process is similar to a home renovation. We work with you to understand your end goal and list of must-haves. Then we design a solution that will achieve all the goals and must-have items. Sounds basic it’s but what makes us different?

Design intent and non-value items

Our design intent is to communicate to our customers what we are going to build. By focusing on this we cut the standard design process down by days if not weeks. We also eliminate most of the standard non-value added design process by leveraging our incredibly talented fabricators. Our process has a structured way to communicate the details to all members of the fabrication team. We capture suggestions and discuss pain points before the project is started eliminating any non-value design changes.


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