Macy Industries offers you a system to swap out wast barrels with out stopping production!

We specialize in making your ideas a reality. Macy has the engineering talent, creativity, and flexibility to produce products that are difficult for others to replicate.

Our engineers provide practical and creative solutions. An example is

the QuickLID product line has been designed to meet specific dust collection customer applications in the manufacturing, automotive, paint and food sectors. Customers with dust collection systems, which are used in high-dust applications, have the requirement of frequent hopper barrel replacement. Our systems provide facility personnel with the ability to quickly and easily replace and install new dust barrels without interrupting the manufacturing process and providing safety to the employees and the environment.

The QuickLID design was created to provide a simple, yet effective pneumatic barrel lift system that would adapt to multiple dust collection manufacturers. Our system can provide custom lift heights and allow collectors to remain running while barrel change-outs occur. The simple design provides a reliable, low-maintenance and low-cost system to be added to your existing system.

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This proven design is compatible with all dust collector makes and models.

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QuickLID’s Provide:

QuickLID Automated Damper System includes:

  • Faster barrel Change outs (Saves Time and Money)
  • Reduces EPA Hazards
  • Provide EH&S Safety Improvements and Ergonomics
  • Provide Sealed Barrel Connections
  • Reduces Dust Spillage
  • Easy to Install components
  • New Hopper Panels
  • Flex Hosing
  • Foam Seals
  • Pneumatic barrel lift components
  • Pneumatic blast gate
  • Barrel Cover
  • Support