Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems

Complete and reliable installation services for hoods, grease ducts, and exhaust ventilation.

For over 50 years, Macy Industries has been designing and installing exhaust system solutions for commercial kitchens throughout New England. Restaurants and equipment suppliers choose Macy to get exhaust hoods, ductwork, and fan systems up and running to the standards demanded by operators and regulators. Macy has a highly skilled and experienced team with expertise in metal fabrication, welding, design, and electrical engineering. Commercial kitchens vary in size, shape, and function; but all need reliable exhaust systems to prevent fires, maintain air quality and meet regulatory codes. Macy Industries is your experienced partner who can meet your hood, grease duct and ventilation needs.

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems

Complete Commercial Kitchen Installations


Commercial Hoods

Macy Industries installs commercial kitchen hoods and works with customers to create unique solutions for the installation of multiple hoods for both back kitchen and customer facing settings. Customized designs are the hallmark of our work.


Customized Ductwork

Macy Industries designs, fabricates, and installs the grease ducts and make up air ducts that are needed by commercial kitchens to meet regulatory codes. Our welding and insulation expertise make our ductwork key in creating work-friendly environments.



Ventilation Systems

Macy Industries installs exhaust systems and make up air units so that both kitchen fumes are pulled out while fresh air is pushed into the workplace. This complete ventilation system keeps air pressure and quality at normal levels while heated make up air supply maintains comfortable work temperatures.

Installing Restaurant Hoods and Fan Systems Throughout New England


A Reliable Partner for Restaurants and Commercial Kitchen Suppliers

Our experienced team will make sure that the installation of your kitchen exhaust system is a complete end-to-end solution that meets all your needs.

To meet regulatory codes

To prevent fires

To include both exhaust and make up air systems

To realize kitchen design concept

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Let our experience and expertise put your restaurant ventilation concerns at ease. Resolve any regulatory kitchen code issues, ensure proper air quality, and remove unnecessary fire risks now. Complete the form on this page and secure your consultation today.

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