Macy Industries Metal Fabrication

Macy Industries Metal Fabrication

Macy Industries Metal Fabrication

About Us

Macy Industries, Inc specializes in making your ideas a reality through metal fabrication. Macy has the engineering talent, creativity, and flexibility to produce products that are difficult for others to replicate. Our engineers provide practical and creative solutions for our customers as we develop new product concepts and solve design challenges. The Macy Industries highly qualified team in metal fabrication can provide a complete engineered solution and then fabricate it in our modern facility to assure the viability of the design.



Everything Macy Industries does ROCKS!!

Builder's Plan Service LLC Avatar Builder's Plan Service LLC
September 26, 2016

Great work fast results

Evan Hebert Avatar Evan Hebert
September 26, 2020

Very professional, quick turn and reasonably priced. These guys are super creative and can find a solution to any metal fabrication requirement. The engineering team all with University... read more

Steve Korzyniowski Avatar Steve Korzyniowski
September 26, 2019